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The Sunshine family.


I know a family. It was called the Dark family.

It is no longer called that, it took a name change and is now called the Sunshine family.


The Dark family discovered they were living in a time that was getting darker and darker. Drastic things happened in their lives. Their living conditions changed slowly. Environment and system changed after the salami method. You have a whole salami. It is large, and you think it can last most of your life. You cut a slice, and it has almost the same size for a long time. You don’t notice at all that the many cut slices have one day removed the entire salami.


That was how the Dark family felt about the discovery of their freedom and living conditions. They were born into freedom and light. They believed that both light and freedom could only increase in strength, They thought it was common sense. Suddenly one day they were in darkness and unfreedom.


The Dark family were curious, ready to learn, diligent, open and ready to adapt. They followed with interest in the world and society. Everyone was positive and absorbed surroundings and impressions like a dry sponge that is put into water. And it turned out to be dangerous during the time they lived. They lived in a time that pretended to be something other than it was.


The time was strange. On the surface it was painted light and free. But it turned out to be just a thin layer of icing. The reality of the time was very dark.


The Dark family discovered that the salami was gone. The darkness had eaten it while the light looked away. The Dark family had become just like the times. They said something but did something else, or nothing at all. You were laughing on the outside, but crying on the inside. They said they were open, but everything was closed. Diversity was celebrated, but uniformity was practiced. The intelligence was praised, but the easy solutions were demanded.


The times were harsh, the Dark k family could not change that. But one thing they could, they could rediscover the inner light. They refused to be eclipsed and go to. Time and its dark spirit were not to break them. They went against the current. They rediscovered the inner sun. The one with the light. The one with the warm. It wasn’t that complicated at all. It was not an ideology. It was not a religion. It was not a political direction. It wasn’t an obsession. It was just the courage and the will!


The Dark family changed their name just before the last slice of salami was cut.

Today they are called the Sunshine family.

The Sunshine Family


The Sunshine Family

The Sunshine Family has gained 10 new members

38x16x6 cm. All are the same size.

They hang out on the wall.

The whole family will be presented at the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024, in the Tampere Gallery with the exhibition opening on 25 April 2024


A Tampera Maja poster 2024.A3 kopier.jpg
Siden ny.jpg

The Brightest One

99X43X53 cm

With light


Red Bird 1927.jpg


The ninth member of The Sunshine Family.

Hight 92 cm


Stork i sne.jpg
A SidewalkDSC02012 kopier.jpg

The Sideways Walker

26x24x30 cm


Sisters kopier.jpg


Big sister 126 x 51 x 53 cm

Small sister 89 x 43 x 27 cm



One of The Sunshine Family's members:

The Boy Who Ran Past Everything

H 120cm D 85cm W 43cm

DSC00270 kopier.jpg

The Tv Weather Girl

H 148cm D 34cm W 57cm

DSC09929 kopier.jpg

Maby the Father

170 cm high

Mother kopier.jpg

Mother Sunshine

195 cm high

DSC00030 kopier.jpg

The Sunshine Family's new Vegan Pet Pig.

H 50cm L60cm W 36cm Weight 22,9 kg


2 fugle NEW.jpg

The Sunshine Family’s Play Bird

148 x 53 x 33 cm


A Fisk Morgen kopier 2.jpg

The Eternal Attempt to

Gather Yourself for a New Day.

52 x 23 x 20 cm


Lisboa Cat

26 × 13 × 20 cm


3 Sisters Playing.jpg

The Skating Sunshine Sisters

Hight each: 31 cm.



The Game

115x130x30 cm


The Eternal Attempt to

Gather Yourself for a New Day.

52 x 23 x 20 cm


The Clash between Right and Wrong

"Right" and "Wrong" always follow each other for some legal reason. They are always up for a fight. Many years ago, I thought that "Right" would one day win. Is that common sense? I don't think so anymore. But it's good that "Right" still wants to fight!

The two sculptures come together as one work, but can be seen in many situations. Therefore, I show several angles of the story here.

Size of each, upright: 57x12x44 cm


3+1 Sisters samlet kopier.jpg

The Four Sunshine Sisters

A part of the Sunshine Family

Hight each: 31 cm.


Skitse Sunshine DSC01151 kopier 2.jpg
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